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Proudly South African

Handmade Seed Paper Manufacturer

100% Recycled Plantable & Biodegradable Handmade Paper Products

Seeding Paper Since 2010

At Growing Paper we understand that our people are what makes us tick. Ensuring a job and living salary for our employees are an essential part of our value system. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our plantable & biodegradable products, which can be attributed to the fact that all our items are made by hand.

Female Entrepreneurs
Sowing the seeds of sustainable enpowerment
Why use Growing Paper to manufacture your products


By manufacturing our paper products by hand, we ensure employment for more than 30 local families


We collect our own post consumer waste paper from local schools and businesses


We try to keep as much of our production chain using hand labour from local unskilled employees


Growing Paper uses only the highest quality tested and approved seeds we can source, and frequently conducts germination tests at independent laboratories as well as at our own growing rooms.


We use a unique printing process using inkjet printing with a water based ink

No Chemicals

No chemicals are added during our paper making process; only water, post consumer paper, seeds and love!

Custom Products
Are your looking for a custom handmade product?

We are more than happy to engage with our clients, doing special orders and even developing new ideas and new products. Please contact us and let’s set up a chat.

Growing Fun Fact

If all Growing Paper products that are sold are grown, more than 26 million plants will sprout yearly!

Proudly Growing: Local Economy, Livelihoods and a Sustainable Future

Growing by the Numbers
Hand made A3 paper per year
Kg of recycled paper per year
Kg of seed used per year
People Employed

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