About Us

The Growing Paper factory is situated at the foot of the beautiful Paardeberg Region, near Malmesbury. The factory produces quality handmade products beginning with the collection of post consumer paper from a nearbyschool called Hottentots Hollands Primary School. The paper is then processed into pulp by adding water. From this pulp the Chief Paper Makers (members of the local community) are able to produce handmade sheets. The paper is then air-dried in an old attic.

Growing Paper is embedded with either flower or herb seeds and will grow as soon as planted with a little love and nurturing. All the paper products produced from Growing Paper are made by hand and the paper is 100% recyclable, using water -based ink. Any left over water is used for irrigation purposes.

When you give acard made by Growing Paper you are not just giving a card but also the gift of nature.  Roxanne and team are thrilled to be enhancing our environment in a responsible and innovative way. They alsotake pride in educating and bringing excitement to the lives of others through the remarkable metamorphosis of growing paper into flowers and herbs.

Growing Paper is 100% endorsed by nature and is now available as cards, gift tags, custom invites, business cards and calendars.