Growing Paper,giving on Mandela Day

Every day should be a Mandela day,even if we give just 5 minutes,to listen to someone,to give someone recognition,to help someone in need,to make a call,send a message,just to show you care…

Growing Paper also wanted to give on Mandela day! We made a phone call to Malmesbury’s Nighthaven and found that they needed some help sorting their clothing bank.

Our team of 8 ladies arrived at the nighthaven,08H45. When we saw the room with all the chaos and the stacks of clothes,we wanted to run…

But,nothing to fear when the Growing Paper Ladies are near!! We started to carry everything out of the room,then we started to sort out the clothes,men’s and woman’s,and all the different sizes.This kept us busy for a long while! After that we started to paint the room,hang a curtain.clean and packing everything back again.

We left there at 16h15 and what a worthwile day we had!! Meeting some of the people that live and works there,working together,growing as individuals and together as a team!!

We hope to finish our work there,by putting up some rails for the clothes to hang, maybe a mirror and a nice couch to give a nice look to the room and to collect some hangers - anyone that have some extra hangers laying around,we have a need for them!