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Meet the Team

Meet the team behind Growing Paper – Our Chief Card and Tag Makers

We are proud to introduce you to the hardworking team behind all the glorious and fabulous cards/gift tags you receive! Meet Nkhosiko Madubula (Shoes) (current employee of the month!), Phatheka Madubula (Porcia), Roxanne Schumann, Carolette Oosthuizen, Yanelwa Madubula, Nileta Knoetzen and Cecilia Zuma and Meisie Nero (not in picture)

At Growing Paper, we are 100% committed to the welfare and job satisfaction of our staff community. We employ both men and women from the local community, who were previously unemployed and in desperate need of a stable job and income. The salaries earned at Growing Paper are much higher than the legal minimum wage. As the business is family oriented, whenever there is a family crisis at home with any of our employees, Growing Paper prides themselves on being considerate. For us a healthy, a happy staff component equals a happy, healthy and bustling work environment. To making more growing paper and beyond! 

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