What kind of seeds are in the paper?

We have 4 mixtures of seeds in our paper:

Mixed flowers: Alyssum and Poppies

Indigenous flowers: African Daisies and Vygies

Herbs: Basil and Rocket

Veggies: Carrots and Tomatoes

We choose our seeds to be hardy and plantable almost all year round.

Is there a special method for planting the paper?

As with any seeds, care needs to be taken while the seeds germinate, in other words the plants need to be kept moist and in a warm place but not in direct sunlight. It is always a good idea to plant your paper in a small pot/pots for the germination period.

How to plant:

  1. Prepare some weed free soil in a pot.
  2. Moisten the paper and scrunch it up.
  3. Moisten the soil as well.
  4. Place the paper a few millimetres under the soil (or just sprinkle some loose soil over the paper)
  5. Water and keep moist during germination (but don't drown the seeds) *
  6. Watch your little plants grow from paper!

*To ensure that the paper stays moist during germination, you can prepare the soil and paper in a glass jar and keep the lid on so as to keep the moisture in.

What is the paper made of?

Our paper is made of 100% post consumer waste paper which we collect from Schools, Businesses and Finacial Institutes.

We add only water to our post consumer waste paper to create the paper pulp from which our handmade paper is made. No chemicals are added during the papermaking process.

Can the paper be printed on?

According to the tests we have done, Growing paper can be printed on using an inkjet printer.

We do however recommend clients to test the paper on a certain printer before planning to do the printing themselves since we cannot guarantee that your specific desktop inkjet printer will give you the desired results.

Because of the nature of the papermaking process our paper may have slight variations in thickness between sheets.

Please enquire about our in-house printing options.

We are still researching and testing various commercial printing options to enable us to print on Growing paper in larger quantities.

Where is your facility located?

We are located in the Boland district on a farm, near Malmesbury. We deliver to the whole of South Africa and make use of the South African Postal Service, Globeflight couriers and Fastway Couriers.

Please contact us for more information regarding postal options, times and prices.

How does the online shopping process work?

  • Navigate to our “Online Shopping” page
  • Choose the category/ies you wish to do your shopping in
  • Select the design you want to purchase by entering a number in the “quantity” box
  • Repeat the previous steps until you have selected all the products you wish to purchase
  • Click on “Show Cart” to the right side of the page
  • Here you can review your shopping list and if you are ready, click on “Checkout” at the bottom of the page
  • If you are a new customer, please fill in your postal and contact details, if you are a returning customer, please fill in your Username and Password
  • Choose your preferred shipping address
  • Choose your preferred shipping method: either “Standard Shipping” (which takes 3-6 business days and is delivered to your postal address) or “Speed Services” (which takes 1-2 business days and is delivered to your postal address).
  • If you are ready, click on “Confirm Order”
  • As soon as you have made payment via EFT, your order will be procesed

What payment method options do you have:

Currently we require payment via EFT.

Our banking details are:

Bank & Branch code: FNB 230936

Account name: Growing Paper cc

Account type: Business Cheque

Account number: 62423934787

What shipping method options do you have:

You have a choice of Standard Shipping, which takes 3-6 business days (after your order has been dispatched) to be delivered to your postal address (If the order is too large for your postal box, you will receive a notification slip in your postal box for collection of your parcel from your Post Office's counter).

Fastway couriers for Cape Town clients and Globeflight courier which takes 1-2 business days (after your order has been dispatched) if under 2 kg and 2-4 days for more than 2kg.