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Growing Paper Areas of Expertise


From bookmarks to coasters, calendars to business cards and more, we offer a wide variety of uniquely designed seed paper products, all of which can be planted to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Promotional and Custom Printing

Show the world you are environmentally conscious with custom-made, branded products, handmade from our eco-friendly seed paper. Our wide range of 100% recycled products are perfect for corporate and PR events, weddings, festivals, trade shows, parties, and more.


From handmade invitations to recycled stationery, biodegradable confetti and growing gifts for guests, our seed paper products will make your big day extra special (and extra environmentally friendly). Growing Paper products can be planted to blossom into flowers or herbs.


Commemorate and celebrate the life of a lost loved one in an eco-friendly way. Growing Paper memorial pamphlets and gifts of remembrance are made from seed paper that can be planted to grow into flowers, herbs or vegetables.

Recycled Paper Business Cards

Corporate Gifts

Show your clients, customers and employees that your business cares about them and the environment with Growing Paper corporate gifts. Our wide selection of corporate gift options are all made from 100% recycled paper that is embedded with seeds, so they can be planted to grow into flowers, or herbs and vegetables.

Recycled Paper Sheets

Unprinted Sheets

Our unprinted paper sheets are embedded with seeds, so they can be planted to grow a variety of flowers, herbs, and vegetables.The entire production process is eco-friendly – no bleach, chemicals, dyes, or additives are used.

Growing Paper Portfolio of Products
Recycled Paper Bookmarks


A Growing Paper bookmark is a small but special gift, for you to use for a while and then to plant it. We have done bookmarks for special days, funerals, corporate gifts and marketing.

Recycled Paper Business Cards

Business Cards

Growing Paper business cards is the new alternative to the standard paper business card. Clients can plant your business card (after jotting down your details first, of course) and remember your business as they watch flowers grow.

Recycled Seed Paper Calendars


These nifty calendars are plantable. Each month is printed on a sheet of Growing Paper and contains seasonal vegetable and herb seeds. Plant these sheets after each month end and have a vegetable and herb garden that lasts the entire year.

Recycled Paper Envelopes


Round off that special letter or greeting card with a Growing Paper envelope. The recipient can plant it instead of discarding of it and enjoy fresh herbs that grow from it.

Recycled Paper Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Growing Paper produces a range of greeting cards, which can be bought on our online shop or at any of our many retailers. Please visit our retailers page to find your nearest stockist. Or visit our online shop to see the range of designs we offer. Or if you want it customized, send us an email for a quotation.

Recycled Paper Mini Cards

Mini Cards

Mini cards is any cards smaller than the usual size. Contact us for a quote for these petite cards.


We have done a variety of custom made products for specific brands. You give us the idea and the shape and through die-cutting we can give you what you prefer.

Recycled Paper Notebooks


Growing Paper notebooks are produced from seeded paper as well as 100% recycled Reviva paper. These notebooks contain seeded strips inside, which can be planted individually so that you are never without fresh flowers.

Recycled Paper Post Cards


Use our postcards as a wedding favour to say thank you or send it out to your clients for season greetings or special days.

Recycled Paper Sleeves


Choose Growing Paper coffee cup sleeves/book sleeves/potpantsleeves as marketing medium for your company and give clients the extra gift of fresh herbs.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Clothing Swing Tags


Growing Paper has a variety of gift tags sold at any of our retailers, as well as on our online shop. Visit our online shop and have a look at our variety of designs. Or if you want something custommade, send us an email for more information.

Recycled Paper Wedding Invitations


We do a variety of wedding stationery. Contact us and we will send you our wedding catalogue for sizes, shapes and prices.

Seed Bags

Seed Bags

An economical way to get your customers to remember your brand whilst decorating the earth. A wide variety of seed options are available. Please enquire for more details.

Recycled Paper Envelopes with Seeds

Seed Envelopes

Why not give the gift of fresh flowers, herbs or veggies by opting for these small seed envelopes with branding. Customers will remember your brand as they watch their seeds sprout and grow.

Seed Kits

The newest addition to the Growing Paper product range and already a hot favorite is our Growing Paper Seed Kits. Grow your own lovely flowers, herbs or veggies (a wide assortment available) on your windowsill and plant outside once your seedlings are established.

Recycled Paper Coasters


Try a new kind of coaster: Growing Paper coasters can be planted and will grow. Now you don't have to throw away old coasters, plant them and enjoy fresh herbs.

Recycled Paper Flyers


Growing Paper flyers are unique. Clients will love receiving flyers that can be planted and used instead of just throwing them away.

Recycled Paper Neck Tags

Neck Tags

Growing Paper produces a range of stationery items produced from seeded paper. These wine bottle necktags are available in different sizes.

Recycled Paper Sheets


Our seed paper sheets are embedded with flower, herb or vegetable seeds and will grow when planted and watered. The entire production process is Eco-friendly and no bleach, chemicals, dyes or additives is used to create or whiten our paper.