Growing Paper Sheets

Seed Paper Sheets

Our seed paper sheets are embedded with either flower or herb seeds and will grow when planted and watered. The entire production process is eco-friendly and No bleach, chemicals, dyes or additives is used to create or whiten our paper. We are a 100% South African company and employs people from the local community.

Recycled Handmade Paper Sheets

Our seed paper sheets are made using post-consumer (recycled) paper. Environmentally friendly, the recycled paper is processed into pulp by only adding water and air dried. The paper is rich in texture and appearance.

Types of seed paper sheets

There are four variants of seed mixes in the paper

  • Mixed flowers: Alyssum and Poppies

  • Indigenous flowers: Mixed Mesembryanthemum (Vygies) and Dimorphotheca (African Daisy)

  • Herbs: Basil and Wild Rocket

  • Vegetables: Carrots and Tomatoes

Seed Paper usage

Perfect for DIY projects, wedding invitations, greeting cards corporate gifts. Great as stationery, or use for arts and crafts, promotions, invitations, and special occasions

Can be used in an inkjet printer if the paper has a gsm of 350 or less and written on with a ballpoint pen.

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