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Seeded Paper Sheets

Our seed paper sheets are embedded with flower, herb or vegetable seeds and will grow when planted and watered. The entire production process is Eco-friendly and no bleach, chemicals, dyes or additives is used to create or whiten our paper. We are a 100% South African company and employ people from the local community.

Our seed paper sheets are made using post-consumer paper. Environmentally friendly, the recycled paper is processed into pulp by only adding water, seedsĀ  and air dried. The paper is rich in texture and appearance.

Types of seeded paper sheets

We have various options available. These are a few of our most popular options

  • Mixed flowers: We use a mixture of different flower seeds depending on what we have in stock. We mostly use snapdragon, vygies, pippies, gypsophila, alyssum, virginian stocks, godetia and dianthus
  • Indigenous flowers: Vygies & African Daisy
  • Herb mix: Basil & Wild Rocket or Basil & tomato mix
  • Vegetables: Carrots & Lettuce
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