Swing Tags

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Clothing Swing Tags

Growing Paper manufacture handmade paper products from post consumer waste paper that we collect from local schools and business in our area. All our paper products, including our clothing swing and hang tags, are biodegradable and Eco-friendly.

Social Responsible manufacturing of our sang tags

Growing Paper manufacture our paper tags by hand to ensure employment for more than 30 families. We use mostly unskilled labour from local communities and strive to build employees skills. As we grow, we try and use people in different parts of our paper making process for people to learn all sorts of different skills from hand labour at our wet factory to using computers in the office.

Using Eco-Friendly Tags for your Sustainable Clothing Brand

Clothing brands that wish to be sustainable and eco-friendly should strive not only to use recycled products in their own manufacturing processes, but also use sustainable swing tags and packaging for their products. If you are an eco friendly conscious clothing brand looking to add something special to your products, think sustainable hang tags!

Types of eco-friendly swing or hang tags

We have two types of recycled paper that we manufacture. Normal office paper used at schools and business and the backing paper used to hold stickers before their application.
100% Recycled Paper
This is your standard office paper you use to print your reports or use in your everyday business. We collect the used paper from local businesses and schools, pulp them once more by just adding water and nothing else, and then we make paper by hand that we use for our swing and hang tags.
Seed paper
During our handmade paper making process, we add all sorts of seeds to the pulp which then embeds into the paper. When you are done with your single use paper product, like a clothing hang tag, you can plant the paper and it will grow into either flowers, herb or various greens depending on your choice of seeds.
Granite Paper
Our latest product to add some bling to our range, is our granite paper. Using the same process and recycled paper as per above, we add some grind up rock particles to the paper that adds a bit of shine and even more texture than our normal handmade paper. This paper can be letter pressed to give that even more high end look that will fit in with some brands in the high end spectrum.
RE-A-LINER Glassine Liner

Glassine release liner is the backing paper for stickers used in various industries from labels on wine bottles to general price labels. We work with RE-A-LINER that recycle this backing paper. After they have removed liner with their patented processes, they send us what is left and we make paper from it once more. Think about the story that you can tell when you take your price label waste and convert it into swing and hang tags for yourself. Recycling within your recycling 🙂

We are experts in eco-friendly recycled paper for the use in clothing swing tags
Growing Paper started in 2010 with only our 2 founders doing everything in one small building. Today, we employ more than 35 people, mostly women from local communities and have become experts in our trade over the space of more than a decade. Contact us to start a working relationship and a future together.
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