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African Daisies - Osteospermum

African Daisies, or Osteospermum, are a captivating choice for gardens, known for their vibrant blooms. Plant these daisies in winter for a spring to early summer flowering season. They thrive in full sun and prefer germinating in cool, well-lit conditions without artificial heat. After about two weeks, seedlings emerge and can be transplanted once they reach 5 to 7.5cm in height.

With a height and width of around 50cm, African Daisies are compact and hardy, making them versatile for various garden settings like rock gardens, pots, and ground covers. They’re not only visually appealing but also beneficial for bees, drawing these pollinators to your garden. Interestingly, African Daisies are composed of two types of petals, resembling two flowers in one. Their ease of cultivation, drought tolerance, and ecological contributions make them a charming addition to any garden landscape.

When to plant

Autumn / Winter

Where to plant

Full sun. The seeds need light to germinate, so cover with a thin layer of soil

Germination time

2 weeks

When can I harvest

Flowering season: Spring - early Summer

Plant Specs

Height from 35cm. Width 50cm. Drought tolerant