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Chili Peppers - Capsicum frutescens

Chilli, scientifically known as Capsicum frutescens, adds a fiery touch to gardens and meals.

Plant in spring or summer, basking in full sun or partial shade. Germination takes 10 to 14 days, and from planting to harvest, it can span 60 to 120 days. With heights ranging from 50cm to 2 meters, this annual offers a striking presence.

A versatile culinary ingredient, chilies bring zest to dishes. Interestingly, their spiciness only affects mammals, setting them apart in the botanical world. From garden to kitchen, chilies are a captivating and spicy delight.

When to plant


Where to plant

Full sun or Partial shade

Germination time

10 - 14 days

When can I harvest

When they are a good size, but they usually carry fruit all year round from sowing to harvest can be anything from 60 -120 days

Plant Specs

Annual 50cm - 2m tall