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Marigold - Tagetes

Marigolds are annual flowers that are native to Mexico and Central America. They are known for their bright, cheerful flowers that come in a variety of colours, including orange, yellow, red, and white. The common name (Marigold) is derived from “Mary’s gold”. 

Marigolds are also known for their strong scent, which can help to repel pests and diseases. Their seeds can be sown directly in the garden in spring or autumn. Seeds will germinate around 5-7 days after planting. Marigold flowers can be harvested as soon as they are open. Flowers can be used as cut flowers or dry them to make pot-potpourri. They can be used to repel pests and diseases.

When to plant

Late Spring

Where to plant

Full sun

Germination time

5 - 7 days

When can I harvest

2 months

Plant Specs

Annual Plant . 30cm tall, 25cm wide