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Vygies - Mesembryanthemum mixed

“Vygies” (Mesembryanthemum” are one of South Africa’s most colourful plant groups. They are drought tolerant, a low-growing succulent and produces pretty daisy-like flowers. Keep the seeds misted (moist) to encourage germination (2 weeks). You can directly transplant the seedlings into a full sun area in your garden as soon as the seedlings are up to 2–3 cm tall. The plants must be watered upon transplanting, until the plants have fully developed into the soil. They will grow until about 10cm tall covering a flat area.

The leaves, stems and seeds are edible. The flowers open in the sun and close at night to protect them from cold temperatures or rain. Plant in full sun, free-draining soil, ideally in a rock or gravel garden, between paving or wall cavities. The leaves can be crushed and used as soap substitute and have medicinal uses. The leaves can be a substitute for spinach but have a salty, acidic taste.

When to plant

Autumn / Winter

Where to plant

Full sun

Germination time

2 weeks

When can I harvest

Around September

Plant Specs

Succulent spreading plant. Annual. 10cm tall Drought tolerant