Seeds of Change

At Growing Paper we SOW the seeds of change to grow a sustainable future.


Growing Paper GERMINATED in January 2010. 12 years down the line, we’ve blossomed into a team of 35.


If all Growing Paper Products sold are planted, more than 26 million plants will SPROUT yearly


At Growing Paper we love to see each human being and their families BLOOM.


At Growing Paper individual potential is recognised and leaders ARISE

Create Jobs

We create jobs by using hand labour in most of our production line.


At Growing Paper we PRODUCE handmade seeded paper made from waste paper we collect from local businesses and schools

Plant, Care, Grow, Share

This is what Growing Paper is all about.


At Growing Paper we THRIVE when we have happy customers for whom we’ve created custom made eco friendly gifts.


We GROW  recycling awareness. No trees are harmed in the making of our seeded paper.