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Box filler for shipping 3.5kg


At Growing Paper, we make handmade paper embedded with flower or herb seeds. One of the last production steps before we can use the paper, is to die cut it in A3 or A4 size. The quality department removes the excess paper and checks each page by hand.

This excess is great for using as box fillers which we use ourselves. It is also a gift that keeps on giving as when you use our box filler for packaging your product, your client not only receives what they have ordered from you, but also our seed paper offcuts which they can plant and grow into herbs or flowers!


Eco Friendly and 200% recycled

Why 200% recycled. Our paper is made from 100% recycled post consumer waste paper. In our process, we are left with this box fillers and thus we recycle the paper once more 🙂 That is eco friendly in overdrive!

Free Shipping

Our box fillers include free shipping on 5-10 working days. *NB please remember, if you order any additional products, shipping will be added to those products according to your choice of 2-4 or 5-10 working days.

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