Postcard Bicycle Cactus

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Postcards, handmade with recycled paper that is embedded with seeds.

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Handmade Paper Postcards

Made with 100% recycled paper

Seed Paper

We add seeds to the recycled paper pulp to embed the postcards with seeds.

Plant me Instructions

Handmade postcards have “plant me” instructions printed on the back of the card.

Postcard Total

Handmade postcards included: 1

Postcard Size

145mm x 100mm

Seed Choice

Handmade Postcards come in a choice of 2 seed mixes.

  • Flowers – Contains Poppie and Alyssum seeds
  • Herbs – Contains Rocket and Basil seeds

Made by Label

Each Handmade Postcards has a “made by” label with the picture and name of the person that made the paper


Our Handmade Postcards are blank inside, write your own message.

Seed Choice

Flowers, Herbs


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