Post Office

We make use of Post Office, which takes 3-6 business days (after your order has been dispatched) to be delivered to your postal address (If the order is too large for your postal box, you will receive a notification slip in your postal box for collection of your parcel from your Post Office’s counter).


Courier is more expensive, but it takes 2-3 business days. It can even take 1 day if the order is placed before 10:30 in the morning.

If you have any questions about shipping, just contact us and we will gladly assist.


Once your parcel is out of our hands, we send you a tracking number and tracking details. Please follow up on that. If you experience problems, do contact us. And
remember, sometimes there can be problems during delivery, (e.g. a delayed ight or broken truck) so always take that in consideration when ordering. We try our best form our side to get your parcel to you on time!


If you haven’t opted for delivery insurance ( extra cost on top of delivery), we can take no responsibilty for any lost parcels. Please inform
us when opting for a delivery options whether you require insurance.